Valentine’s Day Activities Your Students Will Love

Holidays have always been some of my favorite times in the classroom. This is because you get to work on skills that students need practice with in a way that they are genuinely engaged with. After all, who doesn’t love doing math worksheets when they’re holiday-themed? 

With Valentine’s Day approaching, now is the perfect time to start accumulating Valentine’s Day activities for school that will get your students engaged, thinking, and having fun in the classroom. Last week I shared some Valentine’s Day cards that students can create on their own. This week, I want to share one of my favorite Valentine’s Day activities for kids that is just as educational as it is fun! 

If you don’t already know, escape rooms are always a huge hit with students! I loved using them because they were guaranteed to get students excited to learn and participate. 

So, I created a Valentine’s Day escape room! 

Valentine's Day activities

This resource is perfect for kindergarten through third-grade students. Just use these step-by-step instructions to guarantee student engagement while they learn about how to work as a team to solve a mystery, find holiday vocabulary, discover number patterns and ESCAPE THE CLASSROOM! 

valentines day activities

With a little prep, your students will work as a team to break into a box, which breaks them out of the classroom as they beat the clock!

What’s inside this download?

  • Table of Contents
  • Directions (with video link)
  • Materials Needed to Set Up
  • Checklist for Set Up
  • Cupid Needs Help (Motivational Paragraph, and put class in two groups)
  • Clue 1 (Read after Cupid Needs Help pg.6 and the video)
  • Heart Chart Graph & Paper Conversational Hearts
  • Folder Labels for Team 1 (Red Love Monsters) for Team 2 (Purple Love Monsters) 
  • CLUE 2
  • I SPY Missing Numbers Heart Printable
  • Folder Labels for Clue 2
  • CLUE 3 – I SPY Valentine’s Words
  • I SPY Valentine Words (need a magnifying glass)
  • I Spy Folder Labels for Clue 3
  • Red and Purple Love Monster KEYS with Secret Code
  • Help Button Cards
  • Homework Passes (optional prize)
  • Book Markers (optional prize)
  • Letter From Cupid (Optional for Box)
  • Certificate for Completion 
  • Pictures of Set Up
  • Answer Keys
  • Valentine Foldable Cards (EXTRA Activity)
  • Double Heart Chart (TO use for upper-grade levels for CLUE 1)
  • I Spy Missing Numbers (Counting by 3s, for upper grades) for CLUE 2
  • Credits

This resource comes with a PDF file with step-by-step instructions, and a link to incorporate a YouTube Video to hook your students into accepting a mission to help Cupid break an evil spell that broke his magical love arrow. 

Valentine's Day activities

The mystery can only be solved by working through mystery challenges with number patterns, vocabulary, and using teamwork. Opening the box, (no locks needed) leads them to escape the classroom to enjoy recess, a cookie party, or a library break outside of the classroom! 

Valentine's Day escape room

You can differentiate easily with extra printables included that are more difficult if you’re working with 2nd or 3rd-grade students! 

What are your favorite activities to do for Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments!

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