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5 Delightful Winter Activities to Bring Winter Fun Into Your Classroom

What is the best winter activity? The chilly season is not just a time for cozying up indoors; it’s an opportunity for our little learners to explore the wonders of winter through some delightful educational activities. 

The weather is unpredictable, so you can’t always head outdoors. So having winter activities for students indoors on hand is a life-saver. Who says you have to go outside to do winter activities?!

Looking for winter activities for students? I have you covered! 

Here are five winter-themed resources to do with your students this season.

Fun Back-to-School Activities After Winter Break | Winter Sports Activities

Be the teacher they remember with these engaging Winter Sports Activities! You will have plenty to do in writing, reading, math, and science! Kids will have a blast learning about winter sports, traditions, and symbols! The Winter Sports Interactive Notebook is included in this bundle! Check it out! 

Back to School After Winter Break STEM Activities Winter Challenge | Ice Skating

winter activities ice skating stem

This is a fun winter STEM activity to engage your students in using academic skills to solve real-world problems! This will enhance learning about winter sports during the Winter Olympics. Try this ice skating-themed activity where students will learn about ice skating, skates, magnets, number patterns, force, and motion while designing a magnetic ice skater that follows number patterns around a rink.

Winter Writing Activities and Crafts

winter activities and crafts for kids

Are you looking for some engaging winter writing center activities and crafts? I have you covered with these printables!

Winter Literacy Center activities are included in this download:

  • Adjectives printable
  • Discovering /ow/ sounds
  • My Snowman Came to Life Writing
  • Draw Yourself in a Snow Globe and Write about What to do if You Were Trapped
  • How to Start a Snowball Fight using Pictures and Transition Words Graphic Organizer
  • How to Start a Snowball Fight with a focus on the CLOSING
  • How to Start a Snowball Fight Finished
  • How to Build a Snowman Graphic Organizer
  • How to Build a Snowman Graphic Organizer
  • How to Build a Snowman with Transition Words
  • Intermediate Lined (How to Build a Snowman)
  • Primary Lined (How to Build a Snowman)
  • Build a Snowman PARTS (to actually build one on construction paper)
  • Winter Word Scramble (make words using Winter Snowman)
  • Draw a Snowman Steps (Pages 17 and 18)
  • Winter Sports Mini Book (Page 19)
  • Winter Sports Prompts (Pages 20 & 22)
  • Spin a Snowman Directions (Page 22)
  • Spinner (Page 23)
  • Draw and Write (Using the spinner game, Page 24)
  • Example of expected outcome (Page 25)
  • Rubric (Page 26)
  • Certificates (Page 27)
  • Example of Snow Globe Craftivity (Page 28)

After Winter Break Activity | Hot Chocolate Stand PBL | Project-Based Learning

winter activities pbl project

Looking for a fun PBL to engage your students in using academic skills to solve real-world problems? Try this engaging two-week unit on how to make a successful Hot Cocoa stand. They will learn math skills, teamwork, build a model, design a hot chocolate stand, and end with a group presentation to entice investors to give them funding for their project.

Plus, project-based learning is a great way to incorporate standards!

Winter Penguin Math and Literacy Worksheets | Craft

penguin winter activities

Looking for some engaging activities and penguin themed printables to go along with your penguin unit? I have you covered with this packet! You’ll find links, printables for math and literacy, center ideas, crafts, home habitat projects and more. Check out the preview! 

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10 Inspiring New Year’s Resolution Ideasand Activities for Students

Hey friend! Can you believe it’s that time again – the transition from one year to the next? Have you been thinking about New Year resolution ideas? I know I have! I’ve been thinking a lot about how we can make the upcoming year special for our kiddos. You know, sprinkle in a little magic and set the stage for growth. 

new year's resolution ideas for kids

So, I thought, why not get our students excited about some New Year’s resolutions? If you’ve been looking for the perfect New Year activities for kids or New Year activities for students, you’re in the right place. Let’s help them stride into the New Year with purpose and a sprinkle of fun.

What is the best New Year’s resolution for kids? Here are some ideas to get you started! 

Read More Books

Encourage a love for reading by setting a goal for the number of books to read in the upcoming year. Create a reading log or a fun book tracker where students can mark off each book they complete.

Practice Kindness

Foster a caring and supportive classroom environment by encouraging students to set resolutions focused on kindness. Whether it’s helping a classmate, being a good listener, or performing random acts of kindness, these resolutions contribute to a positive classroom culture.

Healthy Habits

Teach the importance of physical well-being by setting resolutions related to health. This could include goals like eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, or engaging in regular physical activity.

Organize Schoolwork

Help students develop valuable organizational skills by setting resolutions related to their school materials. Whether it’s keeping a tidy desk, organizing their backpack, or turning in assignments on time, these resolutions promote responsibility.

Learn Something New

Encourage a love for continuous learning by having students set resolutions to acquire new skills or knowledge. This could involve learning a musical instrument, mastering a new language, or exploring a particular subject in-depth.

Mindful Moments

Introduce the practice of mindfulness by encouraging students to set resolutions focused on being present and self-aware. Simple activities like deep breathing exercises or short moments of reflection can make a big difference in promoting a positive mindset.

Goal-setting Galore

Teach the importance of setting achievable goals. Have students break down larger goals into smaller, manageable steps. This not only helps in achieving success but also instills a sense of accomplishment.

Family Bonding

Foster strong family connections by encouraging resolutions centered around spending quality time with loved ones. Whether it’s a weekly family game night, cooking together, or sharing stories, these resolutions strengthen family ties.

Environmental Stewardship

Instill a sense of responsibility for the environment by setting resolutions related to sustainability. This could involve reducing waste, recycling, or participating in a community clean-up project.

Gratitude Journaling

Foster a positive outlook by encouraging students to keep a gratitude journal. Have them write down one thing they are thankful for each day. This simple practice can enhance their overall well-being and perspective on life.

If you’re looking or New Year activities for students that you can easily do with little to no prep, I have you covered! 

Check Out This New Year’s Resolution Writing Craft

new year's ideas for kids

Are you looking for a New Year’s writing activity to help students understand resolutions and goals? This NO PREP activity is great to use in both boy and girl versions to create goals for the new year and an easy bulletin board!

What is in the download?

  • a vocabulary poster for the word /RESOLUTION/
  • 3 Boy Options
  • 5 Girl Options
  • 1 Blank head to create your own (add a face and hair)
  • 4 different writing prompt pages (With and without hands on the side, Primary and Intermediate lined)
  • 2 Rough Drafts (Primary and Intermediate lined)
new year's resolution ideas for kids

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4 Engaging Brain Break Activities Your Students Will Love

Wondering if you should be adding in more brain breaks to your days with your students?

Think of brain breaks as super important timeouts for our little ones in elementary school. They’re not just about taking a break – they’re like power-ups for our students! 

brain breaks for kids

These short breaks do more than give a breather from lessons; they actually help our kids think better, feel happier, and make the whole classroom experience way more awesome. 

In elementary, every day is a mix of excitement and learning, throwing in brain breaks is like adding a secret ingredient to help our little learners grow and have a blast.

What is a brain break? 

Brain Breaks are short activities that help energize your students. They last about 1 to 5 minutes. They require no or little prep and help send oxygen to the brain to help students retain information.

Looking for brain break activities? I have you covered! 

There are many things you can do like getting some physical activity, watching a short video on YouTube, taking a dance break, playing a game, or making a craft. One of my favorite brain break activities is coloring! 

If you are looking for some high-quality coloring sheets that will keep your students occupied, these are perfect for you. 

Dinosaur Coloring Pages

brain break coloring pages for kids

These dino coloring pages make great discussion starters and writing prompts!

Unicorn Coloring Pages

unicorn coloring pages for kids brain breaks

These unicorn coloring pages are the perfect magical break from learning. 

Winter Coloring Pages

winter coloring pages

These help keep students and you calm and make great wall decorations!

For even more brain break fun, you can check out this brain break activity resource! 

brain breaks for kids

This is my favorite collection of 48 different Brain Breaks. These task cards can be used as transitions, breaks during an activity, something to raise or lower the energy of the group, team-building activities, and so much more!

What’s included?

• 48 Printable Task Cards in Black and White (4 per page) PDF

• 48 Printable Task Cards in Color (4 per page) PDF

• 48 Printable 8×10 Cards in Color (1 per page) PDF

• 48 Goofle Slides in Color for Digital Displays or Sharing at a Distance

• 2 Editable Slides to Create Your Own Brain Breaks (Google link digital option provided in the PDF)

Place them on a ring, on popsicle sticks, or in a crayon box for easy storage!

Use the Google Slides in presentation mode to randomly pick a brain break.
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3 Delightful Gingerbread Man Activities This Holiday Season

It’s officially time to get excited for the holidays! As the festive season approaches, there’s an undeniable air of excitement and joy in our classrooms. The fun holiday crafts lining the halls and the anticipation of holiday fun make this time of year truly magical for our little learners.

gingerbread man activities for kids

What are some popular Christmas activities? 

There are many ways that you can bring holiday cheer to your classroom, but I wanted to share a unique spin- gingerbread-themed activities! 

In the spirit of spreading holiday cheer, I’m thrilled to share some gingerbread-themed activities that will make your classroom feel like a winter wonderland. If you’re looking for Christmas activities for students or Gingerbread Man activities, you’re in the right place! 

Here are my top 3 Gingerbread Man activities for kindergarten or early elementary students! 

Gingerbread Man Craft and Writing Activities

gingerbread man activities

Let your students turn into the gingerbread man (or girl) this holiday season! This is a fun headband or writing topper that comes with bonus writing prompts. Students will color, cut, and glue the parts together to turn themselves into a gingerbread cookie!

Build a Gingerbread House or Man Writing Activity

gingerbread man activities writing activities

Are you looking for a great way to do an engaging virtual OR in-person Holiday writing lesson with students with a gingerbread theme?  I have you covered with these interactive, editable Google Slides to easily have students copy and paste movable parts to design their own gingerbread house or person.  Then, they will write a narrative, persuasive, or opinion paper about the decorated gingerbread. You can even have a virtual contest!

Gingerbread Man Craft Bulletin Board Set 

gingerbread man activities creativity

Are you looking for a great way to get students to sequence events with a gingerbread man theme or maybe an interactive decorative classroom bulletin board for your classroom? This download includes different pull waffle books to use with the story, a pocket to hold the characters for students to reenact the story, and BLANK waffle books to create your own story! Just add a bow and a folded lunch bag to create a keepsake for students to give to others or use on the bulletin board.

I hope these printable Gingerbread Man activities and digital activities bring a smile to your students’ faces this year. 

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