100th Day of School Activity Glasses Craft


Looking for an engaging 100th day of school resource for your students?  These 100th Day Glasses are great for teaching about the number 100 and are fun to wear!




Need an activity that is engaging, fun, and teaches students about 10 groups of 10 equaling 100? These 100th-Day Glasses fit the bill! Students color 10 groups of dots a different color to make it easy for them to count to 100. Then, they can wear them all day while participating in other themed centers during the day.

2 Pages (glasses and 100 Days Smarter Page)

✂ Cut out the lenses, arms, and frame. Tape the arms to the frame, fold, and have kids decorate them for the 100th Day of School. These glasses are a hit every year! Make sure you print them on card stock.

BONUS: 100 Days Smarter Coloring Page

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