2020 Election Day Voting Activities


Looking for GREAT activities to engage your students in the voting process? Google slides make it easy to teach virtually or in person! Create a voting booth, your own ballots, write to persuade others to vote, create your own prompts or use the moveable parts to learning interactive.


Are you looking for some great activities to engage your students in learning about the voting process during this election season?  I have you covered! Students will learn the basics about voting and elections. These are editable slides with a black and white version included to be printer friendly for virtual or in person learning!


  • A PDF with a link to the Google Slides and Directions
  • 45 Slides Total (see previews)
  • 12 Colorful slides for Virtual Learning – Text Boxes included (Ballot Box Label, Voting Booth Label, Editable Ballots, I Voted Stickers, Voter Registration with Card, 4 Writing Prompts with Student Self Checks, 2 Slide Activities with Moveable Parts and ballots)
  • 20 Black and White Slides with Blank Writing Papers to add your own topics, extra lined paper (primary and intermediate lined), Predictions Premade for voting for snacks or favorite class subjects
  • 4 Posters
  • 1 Write the Room Activity (12 Answers) with an editable form to add your own vocabulary

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