Force and Motion Worksheets | Kindergarten 1st Grade Activities


Force and motion worksheets and activities that students will love!


Students LOVE to learn about force and motion in science! I have you covered with this engaging 3-week unit! It has everything you need, including a journal, inquiry lessons, rubrics, ideas, printables, and more. Be that teacher who every child remembers!
What’s in this unit:
• Pg. 1 Cover
• Pg. 2 Table of Contents
• Pg.3 A Note To Teachers
• Pg.4 Week 1 Lesson Plans Introduction – How Things Move
• Pg 5 Week 2 Lesson Plans Motion and Magnets
• Pg. 6 Week 3 Lesson Plans Focusing on Push and Pull
• Pg. 7 Science Standards Met
• Pg. 8 Home Connections Project Letter for Parents
• Pg. 9 KWL Chart for How Things Move
• Pg. 10 KWL (answers for what they should learn)
• Pg. 11 Fast/Slow – Cut and Glue Pictures into the Right Category
• Pg. 12 Pom Pom Races using (Straight Lines)
• Pg. 13 Pom Pom Races using (Zig Zag Lines)
• Pg. 14 GRAVITY ART Printable
• Pg. 15 Direction on how to make a Pinwheel
• Pg. 16 Pinwheel Printable (Air Pressure)
• Pg. 17 KWL for How Magnets Work
• Pg. 18 KWL (with what they should learn – Teacher’s Copy)
• Pg. 19 Act Out the Motion (Teacher’s Copy)
• Pg. 20 Is it Magnetic? Prediction Page
• Pg. 21 Is it Magnetic? Actual Result Page
• Pg. 22 Design a Roller Coaster Blank Printable
• Pg. 23 Sample Coaster
• Pg. 24 Zig Zag, Straight, Roll Cut and Paste Printable
• Pg. 25 Slide, Spin, and Roll Cut and Paste Printable
• Pg. 26 Magnet Maze (use with a paper-clip)
• Pg. 27 Does It Roll? Prediction Page (Use with a bin of various items)
• Pg. 28 Did It Roll? Actual Results
• Pg. 29 Push and Pull Cut and Paste Printable
• Pg. 30 Answer Key to Push and Pull Cut and Paste Printable
• Pg. 31 Push and Pull Printable (Circle and X)
• Pg. 32 Venn Diagram of Push and Pull
• Pg. 33 Answer Key of Venn Diagram
• Pg. 34- Three Little Pigs House Project
• Pg. 35 I SPY Things You Can Push or Pull
• Pg. 36 CAN Jump experiment/ Inquiry Lesson (with self rating)
• Pg. 37 Rev Your Engines (to go with Inquiry toy car lesson)
• Pg. 38-45 Posters (Push, Pull, Energy, Force, Motion, Gravity, Magnetism, Air Pressure)
• Pg. 46-53 Force and Motion Science Journal (with a word bank, 5 pages, and rubric)
• Pg. 54 Credits Page (Roly Poly Designs)

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