Why You Should Be Using Classroom Jobs For Your Students

In all of my years of teaching, one of my favorite classroom management strategies is assigning classroom jobs. While it’s not a method of tracking behavior directly, it does improve it and generally, the operations of the class run smoother as well. 

What are classroom jobs?

Classroom jobs include things like “line leader”, “cubby inspector”, “attendance”, “caboose”, etc. These are simple jobs that students of any age can complete with little guidance or assistance from the teacher. 

So why give students classroom jobs? 

There are so many reasons! Classroom jobs are an amazing way to grow a classroom community. It gives students a sense of belonging and importance as they are contributing members of the classroom. 

Having assigned duties helps students make new friends and develop those valuable social-emotional skills that are so important in early elementary. It also builds leadership skills because they are taking responsibility for their own job and leading their classmates in the process.

Another huge benefit is that it takes some tasks off your plate! I always loved seeing how proud my students became of the work they do. They felt important and valued, and when students feel valued, they perform better in the classroom. 

If you can’t tell, I love classroom jobs. That’s why I created these editable classroom jobs chart cards. 

classroom jobs

These classroom job cards are made with PowerPoint which makes them easy to edit to fit the needs of your class. You can use them on a pocket chart, wall, or magnetic board to easily edit and rotate your students to new jobs.

classroom jobs

Here’s everything included in this resource

  • 52 Editable PowerPoint slides 
  • Black and white slides with or without images
  • Cursive and print for intermediate or primary classrooms
  • Blank cards for editing as needed
  • Directions with suggested fonts
  • Picture Cards include Line Leader, Greeter, Caboose, Folders, Lunch, Teacher’s Aide, Pet Care, Book Monitor, Sweeper, Kindness Keeper (Make a list of who has been kind), Door Holder, Schedule Helper, Attendance, Lights, Cubby Inspector, Hand Sanitizer, Backpacks, Music, Meteorologist, Computers, Pencils, Bell Ringer, Recycling, Absent Keeper (write a note to those absent). 

I love that these are so versatile. If you think of something you really want to include as a classroom job, you can easily add it! They are flexible enough to meet the needs of each individual teacher. 

Do you assign classroom jobs to your students? Let me know in the comments!

classroom jobs pin


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